Afghanistan: Attack in a Mosque at the Interior Ministry

EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Kabul has received a total of 20 people following an explosion in a mosque within the Ministry of the Interior. This is the second mass casualty incident that the hospital has handled in recent days, following the devastating attack at the Kaj Education Centre on 30 September, and the 23rd this year. 

“At approximately 2pm, we started to receive some patients with injuries and burns, but there was no news yet about any explosion or attack,” Acting Country Director Dejan Panic explains. “But a few minutes later, the number of injured people arriving increased and they reported seeing a man detonate a device. It was a suicide attack. We have received 20 wounded people so far, all adult males, of whom 16 were admitted, 2 were dead on arrival and 2 were treated as outpatients. The number may unfortunately increase again in the next few hours and we may receive patients from other nearby facilities. The operating theatres are working and we have activated mass casualty procedures.”



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