Primary Health Services For More Than 6 Million People

23 years ago, EMERGENCY opened a First Aid Post in Afghanistan. It was established in Gulbahar, 70 kilometres north of Kabul, to treat and stabilise people with war injuries.

From that first clinic, we now run a network of over 40 First Aid Posts and Primary Healthcare Centres connected by a 24/7 ambulance service.

EMERGENCY’s path of medical care has supported so many lives, providing crucial, timely treatment as well as primary health services to more than 6 million people.

First Aid Posts require analysing data to assess the changing local context and, perhaps most importantly, listening to local people’s needs. These clinics are a lifeline for communities who may otherwise be unable to access safe and reliable healthcare.

EMERGENCY’s First Aid Posts and Primary Healthcare Centres are present across 31 districts in Afghanistan.

Archive photo by Stefanie Glinski. Primary Health Clinic in Hezarak – February 2022.


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