Meet Rozhgar And Zhino, Whose Dedication Helps Us Provide High-Quality Care In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

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In 2022, the Orthopaedic Technicians at EMERGENCY’s Sulaymaniyah Rehabilitation Centre delivered 583 new prostheses. 

Colleagues like Rozhgar and Zhino make this possible. 

After graduating from Soran Prosthetics Institute, Rozhgar began her career as an ICU nurse. But, she says, “I was always seeking a way to help disabled people.” She joined EMERGENCY as an Orthopaedic Technician, helping to make the prostheses that give people a chance to walk again.  

Nearly 80 per cent of the prostheses provided at Sulaymaniyah are for the lower body. “I always feel very happy when I see someone come in on a wheelchair and go back home on their feet.” 

Zhino’s mother was temporarily blinded by the chemical attack on Halabja in 1988. Growing up with that knowledge, she always wanted to work with the disabled people in her community. Now, she is an Orthopaedic Technicians like Rozhgar. One of her jobs is maintaining the prostheses of our returning patients, continuously adjusting the devices to the patients’ changing needs.

We are committed to training local colleagues like Rozhgar and Zhino, whose dedication helps us provide high-quality care and increase the long-term sustainability of local health systems. 


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