World Refugee Day 2023

Refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs: a record 110 million people are displaced worldwide, forced to flee because of persecution, conflict, climate change and human rights violations.  

On World Refugee Day, we recognise the dangers and extreme difficulties that migrants face as countries in Europe and elsewhere adopt a hostile approach to those on the move.  

Every day, people risk their lives and families are split apart because of the failure to ensure sufficient safe and legal routes for people on the move. 

“We were ready to accept the end of our lives when we saw your ship and we started crying with joy,” said one girl rescued by Life Support in recent months.  

No one is illegal. Every human has the right to be rescued, welcomed, protected.


Today, we also stand with other organisations and individuals defending refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs, and people on the move. Read the letters EMERGENCY has co-signed, demanding action:



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