“Every day, I witness the care given to all the patients.”

Jamil Gul was on his way to a phone repair shop when he was stabbed by robbers.

When the 21-year-old arrived at our Surgical Centre in Kabul, he was quickly taken to the operating theatre for emergency surgery to repair the knife injuries to his left lung and a major artery under his collarbone.

For two weeks, Jamil Gul recovered: first in the ICU, then in the Sub-ICU, and finally in the Ward, before being discharged.

While performing lung exercises with a spirometer, he told us, “I am really happy I was brought here. Every day, I witness the care and attention given not only to me, but to all the patients. Thank you.”

Of the 1,259 patients admitted to our hospital in Kabul from January to June, more than half had gunshot or stab wounds. Facing the ongoing financial crisis and rising hunger, Afghanistan has one of the highest crime rates in the world.


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