We Have Been With K.M. for Every Step of His Care

K. M. and his friend had just been to a wedding in Sangin, in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. While waiting by the car to leave, the friend stepped on a landmine, killing him instantly and severely injuring K.M.’s face, eyes, and legs.

Before losing consciousness, he remembers seeing one of his legs detached from his body.

Another friend tried to stop the bleeding and brought K.M. to EMERGENCY’s First Aid Post in Sangin, where our nurses stabilised him before sending him via our 24/7 ambulance service to the Lashkar-Gah Surgical Centre.

Like all of the services EMERGENCY provides, every step of K.M.’s care—from critical assistance at the First Aid Post, to ambulance transport, to treatment and recovery at the Surgical Centre—has been completely free of charge.


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