“Beyond the Beach”: Full Documentary Film Available Now

EMERGENCY is happy to announce that Dover Street Entertainment’s documentary film, “Beyond the Beach – The Hell and the Hope”, is now available on Amazon Prime Video across the UK, US and Italy following its world premiere at the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

“Beyond the Beach” follows EMERGENCY’s humanitarian projects in Afghanistan, in Iraqi Kurdistan, and along the world’s deadliest migration route – the central Mediterranean.

Watch humanity endure through war, violence and displacement, and learn the personal stories of the people who dedicate their lives to working on the front lines.

“Beyond the Beach – The Hell and the Hope”

Director: Graeme A Scott, Buddy Squires
Producer: Kathy LoPrimo
Production Company: Dover Street Entertainment
Available on: Amazon Prime Video in the UK, US and Italy. Popflick (US).
Coming soon: Tubi (US, Canada, Australia and NZ), LocalNow (US) and Plex (worldwide).

More than five years on from the events of the film, EMERGENCY’s Kabul Surgical Centre continues to serve as a key traumatology hospital in Afghanistan’s capital, with more than half of patients admitted in 2023 treated for war-related injuries.

The primary care clinics in Iraq were transferred to local health authorities as they approached self-sustainability, the goal of every EMERGENCY project, while operations at the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre continue, run entirely by local staff.

And, EMERGENCY has escalated its work in the Mediterranean, launching its own search and rescue ship, Life Support, in December 2022.

Since 1994, EMERGENCY has helped over 12.5 million people.


Dover Street Entertainment, the production company behind “Beyond the Beach – The Hell and the Hope,” is renowned for its commitment to telling stories that resonate with truth and impact. With a focus on projects that not only entertain but also inform and inspire, they have consistently demonstrated a keen eye for narratives that delve into pressing social issues, human stories, and cultural phenomena. Dover Street Entertainment continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, aiming to leave a lasting impression on viewers and contribute meaningfully to the cinematic landscape.


EMERGENCY provides free, high-quality care to people affected by conflict and poverty. We do this in a sustainable way: building healthcare facilities, training local personnel, and conducting search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

Founded in 1994, EMERGENCY has treated over 12.5 million people in 20 countries and currently operates in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Italy, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Uganda.


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