CIVIL 7 2024: Perspectives on Global Health Equity

The Civil 7

The Civil 7 (C7) is a collaborative platform for civil society organisations to engage with the G7, an annual meeting of the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

EMERGENCY is proud to be a member of the Global Health Working Group of the C7, helping to promote an equitable, human rights-based approach to global health, and to ensure international attention on health challenges remains high.

Three Words to Describe Global Health Equity

“Equality, quality and social responsibility,” says Jacopo Tomasina, EMERGENCY Advocacy Manager for Health and Development. “Surgical care has to become equally accessible for everyone around the world. To be effective, it has to be of high quality and needs-based. To be truly accessible, governments should ensure that it is free of charge and available for everyone who needs it, without discriminations.”

Watch his statement and hear other civil society perspectives on health equity:

Video produced thanks to the Global Health Italian Network (Network Italiano Salute Globale)


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