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“Thank Goodness You Are Here.’

Rasha stands by the lectern, listening to Michela talk and point her laser at the big screen.

World Blood Donor Day 2021

Today, we thank all those who give blood, and also call for future blood donors.

G7 Support for Pharma Monopolies Is Putting Millions of Lives at Risk

The self-interest of G7 countries is the biggest obstacle to ending the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of campaigning organizations said today

“EMERGENCY Is Open for People Here and Always Will Be, Inshallah”.

In Afghanistan, Alberto helps promoting a culture of peace in the way we know best

“Why Global Surgery? Why Now?”

To work globally, surgery needs a global approach.

More than a Million COVID Deaths in 4 Months Since G7 Leaders Failed to Break Vaccine Monopolies

At current vaccination rate low income countries would be waiting 57 years for everyone to be fully vaccinated More than a million people have died from COVID since G7 leaders last met back in February, when they made vague pledges…

This Is Our Daily Reminder that the Conflict Rages on.

Our hospitals are constantly busy.

Celebrating the Life of Vartan Gregorian

EMERGENCY USA is saddened to learn of the passing of Vartan Gregorian, Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and member of the Aurora Prize Selection Committee. An upcoming Aurora Dialogues Online event on June 5, 2021 at 10am EST entitled…

Yemen: Training Healthcare Workers in Pre-Hospital Trauma Care

The room is clean, quiet and well lit. Before us are doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers, but none of them are wearing their white coats. They’re in their own clothes – jackets and shirts, some of them even fancy ones.…

“Peace Can Be Achieved If Our People Can Both Aspire for It and Are Given the Means To Achieve It.”

This is Said Hakim, Team Leader at EMERGENCY’s Kabul Surgical Centre.

COVID Vaccines Create 9 New Billionaires With Combined Wealth Greater than Cost of Vaccinating World’s Poorest Countries

Key members of the G20, who meet tomorrow, including the UK and Germany, are blocking moves to boost supply by ending companies’ monopoly control of vaccine production

Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY, for the GOLA Podcast

In the episode, our president Rossella Miccio explains the lifeline delivery service that we developed, and the long-term medical and psychological intervention we provide to vulnerable people in our healthcare facilities and mobile clinics around Italy.


Behind this logo are the over 11 million people we have treated, and all those we will treat.

How Can Strengthened Healthcare for Migrants Foster Health for All?

27 May, 10:00 – 12:00 CET

I Really Wish I Could See This Hospital Empty One Day

International Nurses Day is an opportunity to celebrate Zabihullah and all his nurse colleagues in Afghanistan, who give care and hope to the thousands of war victims that enter our wards every year.

Life Cannot Wait

Our surgeons had to perform a caesarean section.

Ready to Do What He Knows Best: Be a Doctor.

“Who am I? That’s a complicated question.
What I know for now, is that I am a doctor.

Afghanistan: Bomb Near School Kills Dozens of Students

EMERGENCY’S SURGICAL CENTRE FOR WAR VICTIMS HAS RECEIVED 26 INJURED PATIENTS AND ONE PERSON DEAD ON ARRIVAL At least 40 people have been killed and 52 more injured by a bomb explosion near a school in the Dasht-e-Barchi area in…

EMERGENCY is Delighted that the Biden Administration Has Heeded the Alliance’s Call.

This is the decision the world needed

International Day of the Midwife

Thank you to our midwife colleagues. They stand for women and provide quality care, despite the pandemic, despite the conflict, despite everything that comes their way.

Surge in Admissions at Our Hospital for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah.

EMERGENCY: WIDESPREAD CLASHES IN HELMAND. SURGE IN ADMISSIONS AT OUR HOSPITAL FOR WAR VICTIMS IN LASHKAR-GAH. EMERGENCY can confirm that it is receiving large numbers of war-wounded patients at its Surgical Centre for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah, Helmand Province, as…

International Workers Day 2021

Because on International Workers Day

“For the Excellence of the Care Offered by EMERGENCY”.

This medal was presented to us by the President of Sierra Leone…

“A New Piece of EMERGENCY’s Story Has Begun”.

“Today, that dream is finally a reality”

“We’ve Finally Opened the Doors to Our Little Patients.”

“Last time I was here, this hospital was still under construction.”

We Are Open in Uganda

The new Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe has begun clinical activities!

EMERGENCY’s Children’s Surgical Hospital, Set To Become a Referral Point for the African Continent, Opens in Uganda

Designed By Renzo Piano Building Workshop And Studio Tamassociati, The Centre Combines Medical And Architectural Excellence On The Banks Of Lake Victoria

Everything is Ready for this New Chapter to Begin.

another milestone in our path to medicine, human rights and equality.

Welcome to Entebbe, Uganda

An idea that was born years ago has become a reality…

EMERGENCY on Biden announcement: “As always, it is Afghan civilians that will suffer”

After 20 years of war, President Joe Biden has announced the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Former Heads Of State And Nobel Laureates Call On President Biden To Waive Intellectual Property Rules For Covid Vaccines

The letter was sent to the White House as U.S. health authorities advised a pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

International Mine Awareness Day 2021

Days in these mine-infested fields begin like any other, whether they will irreversibly alter someone’s life or not.

President of Afghanistan Declares ‘Unwavering Support’ for a People’s Vaccine for COVID-19

The President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has joined world leaders and experts in an appeal for equitable and fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Two-Thirds of Epidemiologists Warn Mutations Could Render Current COVID Vaccines Ineffective in a Year or Less

New survey from People’s Vaccine Alliance shows urgency of vaccinating all countries Epidemiologists, from some of the world’s leading academic institutions, delivered a stark warning today of the risk the world is taking by failing to ensure all countries have…

OPEN ARMS – EMERGENCY: 219 Survivors On Board The Open Arms Vessel.

After conducting a rescue mission on Saturday and spending Sunday assessing the area, the Open Arms vessel, with EMERGENCY personnel on board, has just completed another rescue operation of two other boats in distress in the Maltese SAR zone.

“I Hope They will Become Good People”

The Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan. Now one of the most peaceful areas of a country that has, for too long, been stricken with conflict. Nonetheless, mines and other unexploded devices persist. Reminders of the war that once dominated the valley, and constant, everyday…

Abir and a More Long-Term Form of Therapy.

“Nursing isn’t easy. But I love it”. 

On 11 March 2020, the WHO Declared a Global Pandemic. One Year On, We Have a Vaccine But We Must Have a #PeoplesVaccine for Everyone, Everywhere.  

Heath is a human right. The global COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a chance for the world to prove it. On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared a global pandemic. One year on, we have a vaccine that can bring an end…

Rich Nations Vaccinating One Person Every Second While Majority of the Poorest Nations Are Yet to Give a Single Dose

US, UK and EU blocking proposals at WTO to help poorer countries get vaccines more quickly

Darfur is Where Her Story Begins…Twice.

Nawader’s smile represents a long journey from Darfur to Khartoum and back again.

International Women’s Day 2021

To all women..

EMERGENCY Welcomed the Uganda Heart Institute’s Training Board Committee

These photos come from Khartoum as we welcomed the Uganda Heart Institute’s Training Board Committee to our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan.

“Our Response to the Current Medical Crisis Cannot Ignore People Trapped in Other Crises”

“S is 31 years old. He arrived in Italy a little over a month ago, having made an exhausting journey on foot from Pakistan to Milan, via the Balkan route. To make the journey even harder, one of his feet was horribly broken and went untreated.”

“Together, We Want to Prove That the Spirit of Solidarity Hasn’t Gone Away.”

‘Nobody Left Behind’ is us being there, giving up our time, to help those who are most in need now.

Open Arms and EMERGENCY Have Just Landed 146 People at Porto Empedocle, After Saving Them at Sea in Two Operations Under Difficult Conditions and Pressure From Libya’s So-Called Coast Guard

Last night the ship Open Arms, with EMERGENCY workers on board, reached Porto Empedocle, the designated harbour for the 146 people it has rescued in the last few days.

EMERGENCY Wins the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize

We are honoured to announce that EMERGENCY has won the EESC Civil Solidarity Prize today, for its “outstanding contribution to fighting COVID-19 and its disastrous consequences.” Thank you to the European Economic And Social Committee for choosing us. This award represents important…

EMERGENCY Wins Eesc Civil Solidarity Prize for Its Cross-Border Battle With the Pandemic

The Italian NGO EMERGENCY is among 23 projects from the EU and the UK that have received the award for their outstanding contribution to fighting COVID-19 and its disastrous consequences. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has awarded the…

Monopolies Causing “Artificial Rationing” in COVID-19 Crisis as 3 Biggest Global Vaccine Giants Sit on Sidelines

The supply of safe and effective vaccines for all is being artificially rationed because of the protection of exclusive rights and monopolies of pharmaceutical corporations, the People’s Vaccine Alliance said today. The alliance warned that the three biggest vaccine companies…

“That Little Gesture Moved Me.”

Nessuno Escluso’ – Nobody Left Behind: An EMERGENCY initiative to support some of the most vulnerable people in Italy who have been left in a precarious position due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Does the Global North Continue to Push Them Back and Deny Their Rights?

Thousands of migrants are trapped in terrible conditions on the eastern borders of the European Union, on what is known as the Balkan route.

‘You Have Always Been By My Side And Made Me Happy’

22-year-old Sharifa is one of the thousands of Afghan mothers struggling to overcome the hurdles that are posed by a healthcare system weakened by decades of war, poor facilities, and social and cultural barriers that are difficult to break.

A Break for Some Jebena in Sudan

Let’s take you to Sudan, to share one of our (rare) breaks with doctor Faisal and nurse Hawa at our Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan. We’ll only be a few minutes, just enough time for a sip with them of…

“I Love My Work Because I Know It’s Essential For The People In This Valley.”

Muzghan was born and brought up in the Panjshir Valley. She works in neonatal intensive care at our Maternity Centre in Anabah.

‘What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?’

Astronaut, cook, teacher, scientist, fireman, vet, musician and superhero are just some of the answers children give when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up. Here at our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan,…

Successful Transfer of All 265 Rescued People Onboard the Open Arms Vessel, Despite Adverse Weather Conditions

We are happy that the people rescued during Mission 79 can now receive the treatment and protection to which they are entitled.

Best Wishes for a More Just, Supportive, Human New Year, Which Sees Us Come Together to Build a Healthier World. 

It has been a difficult year, one that has taught us to look at the world in a global way, to see how fragile its borders are, and how fragile borders between us as human beings are too. 

Peaceful Greetings.

Let’s start this year by wishing for a more peaceful and fairer world.

Beyond the Beach: The Hell and the Hope. Coming soon in 2021

It is a film about EMERGENCY.

Everyone Has the Right to a Chance.

EMERGENCY shares its wishes for the new year reaffirming its commitment and desire to work towards free, accessible and high-quality healthcare for everyone.

Dr Esra is the Embodiment of Competence and Dedication.

Dr Esra has been the best supporter, both of her patients and of their health recovery. 

“That’s Why you Always See Her with a Smile.”

Raghd is her mother tells us their story, Aja watches us, looking a bit shy. 

We Constantly Aim to Bridge Them.

Together, we work to ensure medicine, human rights and equality, for all. 

“Without Prosthetics, We Wouldn’t Be Who We are Today.”

Although war has marked their bodies, and their past, it hasn’t been able to stop their dreams and hopes for life in the future.

We At EMERGENCY All Head In The Same Direction

We deal with situations where teamwork makes the difference. Everyone’s bit counts. Including yours.  

Read the December Issue of EMERGENCY Magazine

for a closer look at EMERGENCY’s work during these difficult times, told to you by our colleagues around the world.

To Do So, We Rely on People Like Marco.

and over 1,000 Afghan staff members, trained and employed by EMERGENCY to support communities across the country.

Human Rights Day 2020

Through our practice of medicine, we work towards making this dream a reality. 

But then, has there Ever Been a War that Wasn’t Senseless?

I’m certain the answer is no.

International Day of Volunteers 2020

Together we can.

Dr Khushal: If Emergency Wasn’t Here, Our Patients, Our People, Would Face Big Problems.

In 2020, Afghans were not just hit by a global pandemic, but also continued to endure an endless conflict that wounds and kills so many people.

Nyala Paedatric Centre Reopens After 9 Years

On Sunday, our efforts finally paid off.

Interview with Dr Gino Strada on EMERGENCY’s COVID-19 response in Calabria, Italy

“The message is that EMERGENCY is available to help in this situation.”

COVID-19 Response: Nobody Left Behind

It was to help those people that we launched ‘Nobody Left Behind: Supporting those in need through unprecedented times’. T

Over 100,000 Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

War has not stopped for COVID-19 and neither has EMERGENCY.

Rapid Swab Testing Service for the Most Vulnerable People

Since this morning, we are active with a rapid swab testing service for the most vulnerable people in the Polistena area of Calabria, Italy.

Covid-19 | Calabria: EMERGENCY Launches Rapid Antigen Swab Service in Collaboration With Polistena Council

At the request of Polistena municipal council, as of Friday, 27 November, EMERGENCY will be running a rapid swab service for the most vulnerable people in the area and those most at risk from the virus.

Thanksgiving Day 2020

We at EMERGENCY think there is a lot to be grateful for, and today more than ever, we want to thank those who constantly allow us to advance medicine, human rights and equality. 

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2020

We reiterate the importance of collectively rejecting and denouncing violence against women.

Covid-19 | EMERGENCY in Calabria Strada: ‘We’re Starting in Crotone, the First Piece of the Puzzle’

“We’re starting our work in Calabria at Crotone hospital, but we’re ready for other projects too.”

We Will Do Our Part. We Will Do It By Being There.

Six of our incredible team look at the camera, both cheerful and decisive. They have endured difficult months, working in the midst of coronavirus, but are as committed as ever.

Rockets Hits Kabul, Afghanistan. EMERGENCY: Explosions Near Our Hospital

Kabul was hit by heavy attacks this morning with approximately 23 missiles landing in the city.

World Children’s Day 2020

To all children.
Today, we celebrate you.

Whatever Happens, EMERGENCY Is There.

At EMERGENCY, we knew that we couldn’t stop this year. We did everything we could to make sure we continued providing our medical care, even starting new projects so that we could be there for the most vulnerable people during this pandemic.

Why are there people who do not want to open their eyes?

I have never been in a warzone but this felt like one.

Unsustainable Situation in the Mediterranean: Several Reports of Boats in Distress.

At this moment our ship is located off the coast of Lampedusa, waiting to receive information on how and where to guarantee our guests the care they need.

Rescue Completed After Boat Carrying 100 People Sinks. At Least Five Have Died.

The situation must change following this latest tragedy.

The Paris Peace Forum Has Chosen EMERGENCY’s Work This Year.

The Paris Peace Forum is an important opportunity to make this a reality and EMERGENCY is honoured to play its part.

“It Smells of Kerosene”.

We laid everything inside it out on the deck.

University Attack in Kabul and Open War in the Province of Helmand: No Forseeable Peace in Afghanistan

Armed men attacked Kabul University this morning with explosions and gunfire heard coming from the campus.

Afghanistan: 11 Nights Of Fighting In Helmand. Emergency: “We Remain Open And Continue To Receive Wounded Patients”

After 11 days of clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban, fighting continues in Helmand province.

The Aurora Prize Turns Five!

The Aurora Prize turns 5 this year! To celebrate, they will meet & honour #Humanitarians around the globe in a virtual event live from #NYC with Yo Yo Na, Wynton Marsalis and more special guests. The event takes place on…

Afghanistan: Sixth Night of Fighting in Helmand. Emergency: “Our Hospital Is Struggling to Treat All Patients Due to High Casualty Numbers”

Since Sunday, EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah has received 132 patients with war injuries.

Our Surgical Centre in Lashkar-Gah is Now Saturated.

Most of the patients we are currently admitting to the hospital suffer complicated injuries, which require complex surgery and a long hospital stay.

Something That Starts Within These Walls but Continues Beyond Them.

In the medical briefing meeting this morning, I saw 15 Sudanese medics and 11 staff from all around the world coming together to discuss and prepare today’s surgeries.

Afghanistan: Despite Peace Talks in Doha, Fighting Rages on in Helmand Province

“Whilst in Doha there is talk of peace, the violence here in Afghanistan doesn’t stop. Civilians are already paying the price for this new wave of fighting in Helmand, ” continues Puntin.

A Little Girl. On a BIG Journey.

Amal will walk the same path that so many have and continue to.

‘Immigration’ Decree: Changes to the ‘Safety’ Decree Are a Start but We Need a Structural Approach to Immigration

‘In our everyday work for almost two years now, we’ve seen with our own eyes the effects of the ‘Security’ legislative decree on thousands of people’s lives.

World Heart Day 2020

we can contribute to the fight against cardiovascular diseases and work towards #HealthForAll.

European Commission Releases Pact on Migration and Asylum – Emergency Says “Migrants’ Rights Are the Last Thing the EU Is Worried About” and “No Trace of a Structural Plan”

The Pact on Migration and Asylum has disappointed our hopes for a sharp change in direction by the European Commission.

International Day of Peace 2020

It is all in that quote. On the International Day of Peace, we must remind ourselves that we have the potential to contribute together to foster peace. We are facing the worst public health crisis of our time, but the…

A Quarantine Ship For The 276 People Rescued in The Last Few Days By Open Arms and EMERGENCY

That’s the side we will always be on, and we will keep going back out to sea to defend anyone fleeing war or poverty.’

OPEN ARMS – EMERGENCY: “Formalised Search, Rescue And Landing Protocols in Line With International Coventions are Necessary to Protect the Health and Safety Of Crew And Rescued People On Board Humanitarian Ships”.

We are waiting to know when and how they can disembark.

World Safety Patient Day 2020

There can be no safe treatment without a safe healthcare environment, and there can be no safe patient without a safe healthcare worker.

OPEN ARMS – EMERGENCY: Sixth Day Waiting to Disembark 278 People on Board. Malta and Italy deny a Medical Evacuation Request and a Safe Harbour

After carrying out three rescue missions between 08/09 and 10/09, two in the Maltese SAR area, and one in the Libyan SAR area, the Open Arms vessel has been waiting for six days for a safe harbour to disembark 278 people on board,…

A More Peaceful Future for Afghanistan.

We wish the best of luck to you all!

We are Grateful Too.

“EMERGENCY supported me with quality services, taking care of everything, and this is something I am really grateful for.” We are grateful too.

They Need a Safe Harbour.

At the moment the bridge of the Open Arms is hosting more than 270 people. They need a safe harbour.

“Her Eyes Were Still Full of Terror”.

wo of the four women rescued from the Mediterranean are pregnant.

ISHKAR for EMERGENCY: Is It Possible to Photograph the Country Beyond the Conflict?

EMERGENCY president Rossella Miccio will join an online panel hosted by ISHKAR focusing on Afghanistan and the beautiful country behind the conflict. Rossella will feature alongside some of the incredible photographers who have donated their work in aid of EMERGENCY’s projects in Afghanistan, including Matthieu Paley, Emily…

EMERGENCY and Open Arms Rescued 83 People in the Mediterranean Sea

Open Arms and EMERGENCY went back out to sea on 28 August, after many months in the harbour thanks to the pandemic, during which they reorganised the boat to partition everything.

EMERGENCY: ‘Explotion In Commercial District – High Number Of Victims’

The fresh attack comes just days after long-awaited peace talks began between the Afghan government and the Taliban leaders in Doha, in Qatar.

Just Look At The Video…

This situation is wrong. EMERGENCY is there because it is the right thing to do.

EMERGENCY And Open Arms: A New Mission In The Mediterranean

The mission will adhere strictly to the principles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Geneva Convention.

With EMERGENCY’s Flag on the Blackboard…

And we never forget to mention that we run a clinic in the camp, which is always there whenever any of them might need it.

“Whatever You Can Do to Improve the World is Never too Little”.

We pay tribute to Motasim, to all our staff and humanitarians around the world. In these really difficult times, they are committed to making true positive change.

“For My Father, and for Our Afghanistan.”

For my father, and for our Afghanistan.”

Ishkar for EMERGENCY: A Side of Afghanistan Rarely Seen in the News.

16 extraordinary photographers. 24 images showing a side of Afghanistan rarely seen in the news.

Today We Proclaim: Never Again.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were some of the darkest moments in history. Today we proclaim: Never again.

This is Just One of the Ways We Stand With the Afghan People.

This is just one of the ways we stand with the Afghan people. Because Afghanistan is more than war.

Afghanistan is More than War.

. From our hospitals in Afghanistan, we reiterate the need for an enduring ceasefire, constructive talks and a new era of peace. Afghanistan is more than war.

World Day Against Human Trafficking 2020

Human trafficking is a scourge around the world. Today, we remind ourselves of the urgent need to end this inhumane and abusive exploitation. Trafficking takes many different forms, but common to them all is a lack of value for human life.…

Italy Should No Longer Work With The Libyan Coastguard When Rescuing People At Sea.

Saving people at sea should be the responsibility of European countries. Every government should have a search and rescue service that is constant and reliable.

“That Drop Has Made a Difference for Many”.

To combat malnutrition, EMERGENCY employs Health Promoters like Ysra.

What the Eye Sees, the Heart Keeps.

We hope her eyes will always look ahead and that she’ll find happiness through her courage and strength.

Part of This ‘Revolution’ Is the Role That Pharmacists Play

Part of This ‘Revolution’ Is the Role That Pharmacists Play

The Important Work That Mona and Hana Do Every Day

the important work that Mona and Hana do every day reminds us of the need to fight for equal access to drugs and medicine for everyone, everywhere.

We Want to Stay by These People’s Side.

It’s a question of dignity, rights, healthcare and, above all, humanity.

Stojadin’s Words Contain a Powerful Message.

EMERGENCY’s Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery is a role model, because every one of the team here is a role model too.”

At Least 23 Civilians Died This Morning After Rockets Hit a Crowded Market in the Sangin District

The explosion damaged our First Aid Post, which is located approximately 200 metres away.

AFGHANISTAN: Rockets Hit Sangin Market, At Least 23 Dead

The bombing in Sangin comes after weeks of renewed violence while the country waits for peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government to begin.

Outside These Walls, When Will Peace Finally Come?

Within the walls of this Centre, people have been getting treatment, eating, sleeping and living in peace for more than 20 years.

Treating Patients Is Crucial, but It Is Not Enough on Its Own.

EMERGENCY always has an eye on the future. Since 1994, we have trained staff and fostered healthcare systems around the world.

Sea Rescue Organizations, Mayors and Civil Society Movements Launch a Network Calling for a Fundamental Change in European Migration Policy

The network is launched through a joint campaign kicking off on the 20th of June under the title “From the Sea to the City”.

World Refugee Day 2020

According to UNHCR, 1% of humanity is currently displaced. Refugees face unimaginable conditions. Conditions created by racism, closed borders, hostile environments and populist politics. #WorldRefugeeDay – today and every day until borders, hearts and minds are opened to those fleeing…

‘From the Sea to the City’ Campaign: EMERGENCY is Joining Forces.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, we are glad to announce that EMERGENCY is joining forces with a network of partners across Europe as part of 'From the Sea to the City'. This campaign, involving sea rescue organisations and civil society, aims to create…

Goodbye Doctor Anton.

Goodbye Doctor Anton.

…”It’s here.”

With the right planning, with the right resources, and with incredible staff like Manhail, free, sustainable, quality healthcare is always possible.

World Blood Donor Day 2020

Every blood donor plays a vital part in contributing towards an overarching goal: quality healthcare, available to all.


his latest explosion took place just ten days after a bomb was detonated in another mosque in the south of the city, also killing the local Imam in that case, and causing several injuries,” says Marco Puntin.

EMERGENCY Magazine: COVID-19 Response

Read our digital magazine for a closer look at our work during these difficult times, told to you by our teams fighting against coronavirus every day.

The ‘dueminuti. Atlante Storico di Emergency’ Project Wins a Silver IIIDaward in the ‘Editorial’ Category.

We look forward to collaborating on other projects in the future.

…”Gift’s Smile Taught Me That.”

One thing is for sure: these two have a bond that will last forever, regardless of distance.

Every Step He Takes Is Even More Confident Than The Last

every step he takes is even more confident than the last. Long may that continue.

World Parents Day 2020

To Saad and all parents, happy #WorldParentsDay.

Giving the Right to Live a Healthy Life.

This is what pushes us forward every day in this hospital, and everywhere we work around the world: giving the right to live a healthy life to as many people as possible.

“My Name Means Someone Who Has a Good Heart”.

“My name means someone who has a good heart”, Shima says… and we can tell, it’s a name that fits her perfectly.

Work at the COVID-19 Hospital in Bergamo Comes to an End.

We’re hard at work with our staff, providing constant training to prevent contagion and offer psychological help and general support to the weakest people in society

World Africa Day 2020

Africa’s right to equality starts with Africa’s health.

Eid Mubarak to All Muslims Around the World.

With these vital values in mind, we wish #EidMubarak to all Muslims around the world.

We are Working to Ensure that No Life is Worth Less than Another.

– the staff who wear these T-shirts are not just doing a job, they are working to ensure that no life is worth less than another.

“These are the Moments, or Rather the Gifts…”

and I say to myself that these are the moments, or rather the gifts, that give meaning to everything that each of us does with, and thanks to, EMERGENCY.”

Today, EMERGENCY Turns 26 Years Old.

We still need everyone’s commitment and hard work to build a fairer, safer and, more united society.” Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY

“Today a Complex Attack Occured in Maternity Hospital in Kabul City”

another horrific attack, this time on the maternity ward of a Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

International Nurses Day 2020

The current circumstances mean that nurses are under even more pressure than normal. We want to thank them for their work, and send them all our strength and encouragement.

Hospital Under Attack in Afghanistan. EMERGENCY: “We have Received Patients Wounded in the Attack. We Stand with Our Colleagues”

“There was an explosion at the entrance and armed men raided the hospital”, says Marco Puntin. “Violence surrounds you in Afghanistan. This is the reality.”

Mother’s Day 2020

As we have done every single day since 1994, EMERGENCY stands alongside every mother.

The Roses are Blossoming in Anabah

Dear Rose, I’m writing to you this Mother’s Day, at this challenging time for humanity, for you and me and for all mothers and their children.  You should never forget one thing: tough times don’t last, but tough people do!…

EMERGENCY to Take Part in CTSNet Live from Africa: Perspectives on COVID-19 From Sub-Saharan Cardiac Centers

This coming Friday, 8 May, CTSNet is streaming a free webinar which will host representatives from the cardiac surgery sector across Africa.

International Day of the Midwife 2020

Thank you to them and all midwives around the world for everything you do.

International Workers’ Day: “We stay Here For You. Please Stay Home For Us”

This special moment arrives just in time to celebrate International Workers’ Day.

When Words Can’t Help us, Actions Do

Masks, bulky lab coats, glasses – none of these will prevent us from communicating.

Ramadan Kareem to All Muslims Around the World

Let’s work towards a new way of sharing the world rather than division.
Now more than ever.

EMERGENCY is Providing its Protocols For Managing the COVID-19 Epidemic

We need to turn this global emergency into a global opportunity for collaboration. Therefore, please download our protocols.

We Want to Introduce You to One of Our COVID-19 Projects in Milan

We want to protect vulnerable people. To do so, it is essential to safeguard the facilities and environments where they find refuge and help.

A Surprise Today at the Bergamo Field Hospital.

We received a surprise today at the Bergamo Field Hospital.

WISH 2020 Edition: Flattening the Curve: Global Responses to COVID-19

Much of the discussion focused on how to collaborate across borders and societies to form a truly global response to this pandemic.


The first COVID-19 patients assigned to the EMERGENCY Intensive Care Unit at the Field Hospital in Bergamo, operated by the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, have arrived. EMERGENCY is managing a 12-bed ICU ward with 34 staff members. The team, which…

BERGAMO: “We Are Fully Prepared.”

We have a role to play. Doing our part to support this city, these people, this healthcare system, this country.

“We Didn’t Stop, Not Even For One Day.”

Through sharing expertise, we can overcome this crisis and continue our medical suppor

Dr Gina Portella interviewed by The Independent

Our medical personnel is living through a war-like situation

Afghanistan: This Work Will Continue

This work will continue.

International Mine Awareness Day

we can combat the spread of coronavirus at the same time as providing the highest quality trauma care. 

Bergamo Field Hospital: EMERGENCY is Doing Its Bit to Combat the COVID-19

From the planning phase to treating patients, EMERGENCY is doing its bit to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bergamo: We Are Working Around the Clock.

We aren’t just working hard, we are working with a huge collective spirit.

Bergamo: Rossella Miccio, EMERGENCY President, from the field hospital under construction.

Once ready, our doctors, nurses, and logisticians will treat and support those in need.

Our President Rossella Miccio on COVID19 at TRTWORLD

What we need to do is to respect rules, do our part and look at society as a whole.” our President Rossella Miccio, today at RTR World.

CORONAVIRUS: EMERGENCY Works On a New Hospital at Fiera Di Bergamo

EMERGENCY’s team of approximately 20 people will consist of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and logisticians, who will run the intensive and sub-intensive care wards.

Solidarity Includes a Sense of Responsibility Towards Everyone Else

“Everybody needs this mindset – that I have to protect others from myself because I might be contagious.” Rossella Miccio.

International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Here’s to the elimination of racial discrimination, once and for all.

EMERGENCY Supports Migrants and Homeless During COVID-19 Outbreak

“At this very difficult time, we need to be concerned about protecting everyone’s health, and that includes the most vulnerable people in society, the people who risk being left behind.

COVID-19: Today We Need Another Collective, Humanitarian Effort.

As always, thank you for whatever you can do.

COVID-19: Our Part For The Sikh Community In The Latina Area Of Italy

To contain the outbreak, we must intercept as many people as possible, especially those who live on the margins of society.”

Medicine Can’t stop. Neither Can Solidarity with One Another in These Difficult Times.

Medicine can’t stop. Neither can solidarity with one another in these difficult times.

Zarbibi and Maysaa are Two Brave Women.

Zarbibi and Maysaa are two brave women. To them, and all the women who fight every day to improve the world, we dedicate this #InternationalWomenDay2020

CORONAVIRUS — EMERGENCY Responds To The Plea Of Lombardy Region

Today we spoke to the authorities of Lombardy region and offered them our help in managing the coronavirus epidemic. We have the possibility to share with the local health authorities our expertise and skills in treating patients in the midst…


The third quarter was a period of unprecedented violence, according to UNAMA, before we witnessed a decrease during the final quarter and the start of 2020. It continues to be difficult to conceive of ‘peace’ in Afghanistan at the moment.” Marco concludes

Scientific Contribution is Not Only a Matter of Research and Numbers, But Also Sharing Expertise Among Colleagues.

The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery doesn’t just help its own patients, but also provides vital scientific contributions to research in the cardiac field. That’s something we are very proud of! This year, our colleague Eva was invited ato speak…


“Police use tear gas against migrants attempting to cross the Greek border. The coast guard shoot at a refugee boat. Far-right militants use sticks and rocks to attack migrants on the Greek islands. The Prime Minister announces the suspension of…

AFGHANISTAN: Moving Towards Peace Talks?

Yesterday, we received 12 wounded patients at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul. At around 7pm local time, two bicycle bombs went off in the city centre, hitting dozens of people, some of them young pupils from a local school.  The attack followed another the…

EMERGENCY Breaks Down Walls By Building Them

📌 As our President Rossella Miccio once wrote, there are walls, and then there are walls: walls of exclusion, tearing people apart, but also walls of inclusion, bringing people together, defeating differences and discrimination. EMERGENCY’s hospitals are made of walls,…

Sierra Leone: EMERGENCY’s Work at the Paediatric Centre in Goderich, a Project That Has Seen More Than 380,000 Child Patients Treated

Through all this work, EMERGENCY affirms its commitment to working with the Sierra Leonean government to strengthen the results they have already achieved and improve the country’s health system.

‘I Can’t Begin To Describe EMERGENCY.’

There are people who dedicate themselves to this organisation for years. Laura is one of them. She’s been with us since 2009. Laura is a nurse. We met her in a ward at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery. What she said took…

Even in War, Something Powerful Endures: Love

Today is Valentine’s Day in Iraq too, and there’s something powerful here, resisting war, violence, danger and fear. It’s called love.

‘We’re All the Same, From the Beginning Till the End’ – Hamid, the Imam Working For Peace in Ashti.

‘We have shared lives. We are born together, live together and end together.’

Iraq: Finally a Hand That Fits My Body

‘It’s my first time in Sulaymaniyah,’ continues Emad, who is from Mosul. ‘I had another prosthesis before, but it didn’t fit very well. This one I can really move. It feels like part of my body. This is really a hand worthy of the name. A hand that fits my body.’

Roberto, How Are You?

I realise my plane is touching down on the runway in Italy. All I can do is repeat to myself the promise I’ve always made to our colleagues back in Afghanistan, and which I intend to keep: to return.

Living ‘Small Small’: What I Learnt On My First Mission in Sierra Leone

Taking things ‘small small’ sometimes makes you happier than you think. I’m certain, because I’ve felt it myself. I’ve spent so many days in Sierra Leone seeing people who are much happier than me, than us in Europe. They have barely anything, yet they’ve given me so much.

They were asking me if this was really Italy

That is their right, as it is for any other human being.

Afghanistan: ‘Some of the hugs they give me literally make me quiver’

‘Some of the hugs they give me literally make me quiver’

Another achievement for our Regional Programme in Africa

In October, Luca, Coordinator of our regional cardiac surgery programme, and Maria, a long-standing cardiologist at EMERGENCY, were in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, for the first heart-screening misson at the new clinic at Orotta Hospital, the only public referral centre in the whole country.

A glimpse of beauty amid the horror of this war

There’s one thing I’m sure of and that’s the pure, gentle love that exists between a father and son. Just for a moment, it gives you a glimpse of beauty amid the horror of this war.

Let’s Look Forward

“The grass looked greener in the other field, so I thought I’d take my sheep there to graze. There’s an abandoned military base, but I didn’t think that … ” This is how Othman begins his story. A prosthesis replaces…


We ask Europe to act immediately to avoid another war and to categorically refuse any support for military operations.

…We Begin 2020 With a Promise

In the face of conflict, our human spirit and solidarity will always endure.

For a More Just, Supportive and Human New Year

Best wishes to all for a more just, supportive and human new year. We can achieve it together.

Afghanistan: It’s Only Thanks To Them That I Haven’t Lost My Smile.

We had decided to leave forever, but I became a paraplegic at 23 years of age. What will we do now? 

Iraq: “I’ll Try To Tell You In Simple Words …”

This is how I approach my work and my life, with the hope of being able to return soon to Qamishlo, in my Syria.

Afghanistan: Twenty Years of Work

Sometimes it’s really tough, but we have no intention of stopping.

Afghanistan: ‘If Other People Have Done It Before, So Can You!

I would often tell myself, ‘If other people have done it before, so can you!’ and in the end I really did it.

Christmas 2019

Together, we can make a real difference

Iraq: We Left Everything Under the Ruins

When will they be allowed to go home?

International Migrants Day

Borders too often act as barriers. Countries should be refuges instead of obstacles to basic human rights. Migrants are not the danger. Intolerance is. International Migrants Day Europe: Respond! #InternationalMigrantsDay#InternationalDayofMigrants Pubblicato da EMERGENCY UK su Mercoledì 18 dicembre 2019  …

Land and Sea: Rights Denied Everywhere

The clock had just struck two when the head of our mission came to tell me there was a dinghy drifting a few miles from the ship. Just a few hours before we had been told a dinghy had capsized,…

Afghanistan: Reports from Lashkar-gah

Meanwhile, a question will stay with us: if you lose your facial features, how do you remain yourself?

10th December: Human Rights Day

To really change things, you have to choose which side to take. A right denied to one person is a right denied to all. HUMAN RIGHTS – ALWAYS. #HumanRightsDay

Our Bodies are Maps of Pain

The rocky mountains around Sulaymaniyah are capped with snow. Rain beats on the door of every house and on the roof of EMERGENCY’s Rehabilitation Centre. Samad leaves his tailor’s workshop and comes over to us, taking care on his prostheses.…


This is our mission. Trying to obstruct it is unacceptable and represents a serious violation of international humanitarian law, as well as putting thousands of victims’ lives at risk”, concludes Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY.

Twenty Years Have Passed Since That First FAP Opened

So far, we have treated more than 5 million patients at our First Aid Posts (FAPs).

A Long Journey…

A long journey… an important one that has a primary goal: supporting women. From the Panjshir Valley to Milan, passing through Brussels and finally back to where everything started: Afghanistan.. but this time Kabul. On Wednesday, we presented our Maternity…


To give or not to give? That is the question. Thanksgiving is a powerful day. People come together, feel united, and bridge boundaries. It is a day to consider one of the most powerful acts one can make – giving.…

Afghanistan: Women’s Empowerment and the European Foundation Centre

Today, EMERGENCY launched its Maternity Report, ‘A Quiet Revolution’, in Brussels. The European Foundation Centre hosted the event, which served as an opportunity to discuss an underrepresented aspect of Afghanistan, something that we have been contributing to since 2003. Peace,…

This Is The Desperation That Europe Continues To Ignore

“I thought I saw everything in Nigeria with Boko Haram. I thought I had endured the worst things in the world. But I was wrong. I hadn’t seen Libya yet. “ Traumatic shock, burns, gunshot wounds, hypothermia, and dehydration. This…

World Children’s Day 2019

Date: 20/11/1989 Event: United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The world’s most widely ratified agreement ever is signed. Global leaders commit to protecting children’s rights. Date: 20/11/2019 Event: World Children’s Day 30 years later, children around the…

Afghanistan: “You are part of the history of this valley…”

“You are part of the history of this valley in Afghanistan, just as blood is part of the human body,” they told us. In Panjshir, Shahzia recalls the fear she felt before she gave birth to two twins and the…

Iraq: Here I’m Seeing The Future Which We Hope to Provide For All Our Projects.

I’m writing to share some good news with you. A few days ago, before I returned to the Ashti Camp for IDPs, I went from Barika, with Murad, Abu Malik, Raz and Andrea, to visit the healthcare centre for Syrian…

“Here Are My Scars” – The Stories of Those Rescued by Open Arms

On the Open Arms vessel, our cultural mediator Bader, who helped staff with the search and rescue, listened to the terrible testimonies of the 44 people rescued from a small wooden boat on Sunday night. Among them is 16-year-old ‘A’:…

Uganda: A Very Special Group Picture

This is a very special group picture… So many people who have planned, measured and built, with a will to achieve one unique goal: the right to treatment for everyone in need. We are on the construction site of our…

Uganda: “What Are You Planning On Doing With This Earth?”

Building work at our new Centre of Excellence in Paediatric Surgery in Entebbe, on the banks of Lake Victoria, continues at a cracking pace. After two and a half years of research, design, innovation and dedication, the outer structures are…

EMERGENCY presents the report ‘A QUIET REVOLUTION’ The EMERGENCY Anabah Maternity Centre and female empowerment.

‘A Quiet Revolution’ is EMERGENCY’s report analysing the impact that a free, specialist Maternity Centre can have on the health and societal role of the women who are part of it: both patients and staff.

International Day Of The Girl Child 2019

By doing so, we can positively change girls’ lives.


Several north-eastern Syrian cities are being bombed heavily. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, there are reports of at least 15 deaths from Turkey’s first attacks, at least 8 of whom were civilians.

Port Sudan: A Typical Saturday

Every Saturday, thanks to our partnership with some locals, we identify the most needy areas and organise meetings in which our health promoters engage, above all, women and children.

International Day of Non-Violence 2019

Our rules: Do not enter with weapons. Do not enter with violence. And do not even enter with a desire for it.

Happy World Heart Day from EMERGENCY

“Because we believe every heartbeat matters” World Heart Federation – and we might add, it doesn’t matter where it beats or whose heartbeat is.

Welcome to Everyday Life in Kabul

“Outside there’s a war, but I can’t just lock myself in at home because of that. I’ve got a responsibility to live, for me and my children”, something we so often hear from our patients. Welcome to everyday life in Kabul.

Afghanistan: Is It Possible To Feel Like Having War Inside Your Body?

Working together towards a world without war is the first step in guaranteeing a future for humanity.

EMERGENCY presents: A Quiet Revolution. Behind the scenes of Afghan Women’s lives. The EMERGENCY Anabah Maternity Centre and Women’s empowerment in Afghanistan

‘A Quiet Revolution’, a report from EMERGENCY due to be published on 15 October, was created to analyse how the system set up by the organisation in the Panjshir Valley can provide a model to be replicated in other areas of the country and elsewhere.

Sudan: …Waiting For The Next Call To Come

I take them in my arms as soon as I see them in the ward, when I can, I try to take some pictures so I can also see them again when I’m in Cagliari…waiting for the next call to come.

The Era of Growing Global Antibiotic Resistance – International Researchers Propose an Innovative Strategy for a New Research Framework Based on More Efficient Trial Design for Post Marketing Evaluation of New antibiotics

Rome, August 30th, 2019 – Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) has become a serious public health threat worldwide. According to The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, known as the Jim O’Neill Commission setup by the UK Government, deaths attributable every year to AMR…

01/09/2019. Teresa and EMERGENCY

We still like to remember her surrounded by people who were given the chance of a new life by EMERGENCY.

‘BEYOND THE BEACH – THE HELL AND THE HOPE’, a Documentary Focused on EMERGENCY’s Work Around The World at The 76th Venice International Film Festival

‘Beyond the Beach – The Hell and the Hope’, a documentary focused on EMERGENCY’s work around the world.

Port Sudan: We Would Have Danced With Joy Too!

And not just that: Nora Idris started dancing. While watching her, we felt like dancing with joy too.

Sudan: Now You Understand that I Didn’t Take This Picture by Accident, Right?

Do you know what he said? “I was missing my patients, I was missing this hospital”.

“I’m a Woman Who Works for Women”

We thank her for her courage, as we do all the men and women who risk their lives in this humanitarian crisis to save other people.

EMERGENCY on Board the Open Arms Vessel To Rescue People in Need.

We reiterate: ‘People first’. Always.

EMERGENCY: “War Cannot Be Humanized. It Can Only Be Abolished…”

“War cannot be humanized. It can only be abolished.” – Albert Einstein

20 Years of Medical Treatment in Afghanistan, as told by of Yousof, Hedayatullah and Mobin

The professional growth that Yousof has experienced in our hospital fills him with pride

Afghanistan: It’s a Promise We Intend to Keep

For them, a red T-shirt is a symbol of hope, a promise of safety and care. And it’s a promise we intend to keep.

“I try to always work with a smile on my face”

Behind the wheel of the mobile clinic is our logistician, Luigi.

Afghanistan: EURONEWS Reports from Our Surgical Centre For War Victims, in Kabul

Monica Pinna of EuroNews reports once again from our hospital in Kabul, meeting patients affected by the intense and long-lasting war in Afghanistan, and the medical staff who work around the clock to provide them with treatment.


It’s what keeps us focused on our goal: to help people who think they’ve missed their chance, to let them live again.

AFGHANISTAN: Two EMERGENCY Employees Killed in an Air Strike.

EMERGENCY expresses its deepest condolences to the victims’ loved ones and is thinking of our colleagues who continue to work in Afghanistan. We share the deep and unjust sorrow felt by Afghan families every day.

Iraq: Best of Luck to All of You!

Good news from Sulaymaniyah, Iraq! A few days ago, we were able to celebrate with 14 former patients from our Centre for Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration, and award them certificates for the vocational training courses they completed. Congratulations to tailors…

Afghanistan: …From the Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul

Afghanistan is a country in the midst of a war that EMERGENCY knows all too well.

Iraq: These Two have Stared the Same War in the Face

“Today, thanks to our help, they’ve managed to come back from the brink, walk again and find their place in the world, within this landscape scarred by deep wounds.”

EMERGENCY: Conclusion of Our 18th Annual Meeting

commitment and desire for change that will continue to inspire us long into the future.

Lyse Doucet, at our 18th Annual Meeting in Milan

When you get to the heart of them, these stories are no different from the stories of you or I. They’re stories about all of us.”

Afghanistan: This Child Was Still Holding His Books and a Pencil before Entering the Hospital.

This morning, a central district of Kabul, Afghanistan, was the scene of a deadly attack.

Renzo Piano, at Our 18th Annual Meeting

“Peace is like a city. We have to build it together, brick by brick.”

EMERGENCY: Annual Meeting 2019

If you’re in Milan from 28-30 June, EMERGENCY will be waiting with open arms.

World Refugee Day 2019

And wherever they may escape to, every individual has the right to be listened to and protected. Not turned away, abused, ignored or exploited, but protected.

EMERGENCY: Happy Father’s Day 2019!

To all the dads out there – Happy #FathersDay!

EMERGENCY Volunteer Wins Viacom Award

We are pleased to share that Elena Nebiolo, an EMERGENCY volunteer, has been honoured with the “2018 Viacommunity Award Prize”.

World Blood Donor Day 2019

World Blood Donor Day means a lot to us – not only because the surgeries we perform around the world rely on donated blood, but also because of our work with the National Blood Bank in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Roberto Saviano with EMERGENCY USA, in New York

We would like to thank Mr. Saviano for breaking the silence and showing the vital role that humanitarian staff have, same as writers and photographers, in speaking out for a better world.

Iraq: Today He is a Teacher Who Gives Life Lessons as Well

…and today he is a teacher who gives life lessons as well as school lessons.

Iraq: We’ve Spent Decades..

In 1998, we opened our Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Centre in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq – a country in which mines have killed over 6,000 people in the last 25 years.

Sudan: EMERGENCY’s Hospitals will Remain Open For Anyone Who Needs Them

EMERGENCY’s hospitals will remain open for anyone who needs them.

Event: Roberto Saviano With Emergency USA: Migration and NGOs

EMERGENCY USA invites Italian writer Roberto Saviano to join a conversation on migrants and NGOs in Europe.

We Work to Create Environments in Which Our Services are No Longer Required

working to create environments in which our services are no longer required

EMERGENCY: Our President Rossella Miccio, on High-Quality Healthcare

how low-resource countries can benefit from healthcare centres of excellence

Iraq: Sometimes Words Just aren’t Enough

It’s not every day that we get to catch up with a former patient and hear about their new life.

25 Years of EMERGENCY: Every Patient is a Priority

Sometimes our patients respond with a smile – sometimes with quiet, dignified determination.

25 Years of EMERGENCY: A Gamble on Civilisation

Founding EMERGENCY was a gut reaction, not just a mental decision.

25 Years of EMERGENCY

EMERGENCY doesn’t just mean war surgery – it means medicine, rights and equality.

International Nurses Day

Simply put, they provide care – in every sense of the word.

Happy Mothers Day From EMERGENCY

Here’s to Shirin, and to the courage and strength of mothers everywhere.

Iraq: Just Like Any Other Girl

Sidra is nine years old, she lives in Mosul, Iraq, and we think she should be able to run around and play, just like any other girl her age.

Iraq: … and It Still Runs Like a Charme!

It’s EMERGENCY’s very own 007, built in 1998 in the labs at the Centre by amputee and disabled former patients.

International Day of the Midwife 2019

One child at a time, one life at a time, midwives are an essential part of creating a safe environment for women and new-borns.

Afghanistan: War May Have Brought Him Here

War may have brought him here – but it didn’t take away his spirit.

Afghanistan: We Always Try to See the Glass as Half Full

Here, we always try to see the glass as half full. Even here in the Intensive Care Unit, where we monitor patients after their operations, waiting for them to wake back up again.

Iraq: – They’re Also a Shoulder to Lean On

Wherever we work, all around the world, we always provide our patients with the treatment – and compassion – that they deserve.

Sudan: The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery Turns 12 Today!

To mark the occasion, we stopped by to have a look around and meet some of the incredible people who make our work possible.

Iraq: What Does It Mean To Be a Patient With a Chronic Disease?

Now, with her energy restored, she can go to school again and play with her friends!

Sierra Leone: We Always Find the Time!

Even though we receive over 2,000 patients every month, we always find time to make everyone feel welcome.

Sudan: – It Can Feel Like a Home

Our Paediatric Centre can be more than just a hospital – it can feel like a home.

Sierra Leone: Happy Birthday Doctor Babadi!

It’s not by chance that we’ve chosen today to tell her story: it’s Babadi’s 74th birthday, and we want to dedicate the day to her. So please, join us in sending a huge “Happy birthday!” to Babadi in Sierra Leone!

Sudan: “I am Just So Happy – and So Grateful”

“This time last year, I never would have imagined that this would be possible,” Miriam told us. “I’m just so happy – and so grateful.”

World Health Day 2019

We reaffirm our deep commitment to #HealthForAll.

International Mine Awareness Day 2019

EMERGENCY’s doctors and nurses listen to testimonies like these from our patients in Afghanistan and Iraq too often.

Iraq: … For Them The Glass is Always Half Full

As he talks, Murad has an easy-going smile that conveys serenity and peace – reflecting the name of the IDP camp where he lives and works: Ashti. But emphasising the positive side of things isn’t always enough. Even if you’re a child.

Iraq: He’ll Return, and We’ll Be Waiting For Him

Kayan will continue to return to the centre for follow-up consultations and we will be waiting for him. We might even see him return independently, as he becomes a young man.

Iraq: “Now I Feel More Confident, and I Love My Job”

“Now I feel more confident, and I love my job. I want to become even more specialised and learn new things from this profession.”

Central African Republic: It Fills Us With Pride

Knowing that young patients like Saran and Yeshi are getting better fills us with pride, and drives us to keep working to ensure the right to healthcare in the Central African Republic. 

KABUL: Not a Happy New Year

More than half of these attacks occurred in in the capital, where EMERGENCY’s surgical centre has been offering treatment to victims of war since 2001.

Sierra Leone: Outcomes with a Smile

When the outcome includes a smile…we’re pretty happy about it!

Statement: EMERGENCY Saddened by Christchurch Attacks

In the wake of the tragedy in Christchurch, EMERGENCY expresses its sympathy for the families of the victims, and to the people of New Zealand.

To All Women Who Change the World of Everyone Around Them, With Their Energy..

They are the WOMEN who treat our patients and they are our patients. Happy International Women’s Day From EMERGENCY!

Iraq: “And To Think I Thought I Barely Have an Hour Left To Live”

After my injury I would never have believed I’d be back working, let alone able to live a normal life like everyone else.

Afghanistan: Congratulations, Doctor!

After an intense period of training with the staff at our Medical and Surgical Centre in Anabah, Doctor Amin, ‘our’ Amin, has passed his specialist exam at Kabul University.

Iraq: “I have Truly Seen What It Means to Care For People Without Distinction or Discrimination.”

The extent to which different cultures and communities co-exist here in Ashti can be encapsulated in the pronunciation of a single word: Sinjar or Shingal? They may have a different spelling and pronunciation – depending on whether we’re speaking Arabic…

EMERGENCY Meets with WHO Director-General in Geneva

The WHO delegation reiterated its appreciation for EMERGENCY’s work around the world, with Dr Tedros saying that he had “seen first-hand the incredible work it does”.

Sudan: Our Recipe is Definitely Working!

We’re trying. And judging by the expression of the little boy as he eats, and his mother’s smile, our recipe is seeing some success.

Iraq: This is a Story of Care and Love

Asfandiar and Jzheyn’s tale is a difficult one. But it’s also a love story.

Afghanistan: ‘But I Decided To Stay’

Hedayat is 38 years old. He’s been working as a surgeon at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul for 14 years.

Iraq: I Found So Many People Around Me (Part II)

The main aim of the Centre is to remove all barriers created by disability and to allow individuals to regain a livelihood for themselves and their families.

“And That’s Why They Have An Incredible Power…”

Gardens take on special significance in every EMERGENCY project.

Afghanistan: “How Many Generations Did Afghanistan Lose to This Cursed War?”

A drone killed six people and three wounded patients are being taken to our First Aid Post

We Are All Human

EMERGENCY: For a better 2019. For everyone.

Iraq: “He Was Born Right Here”

How many children are living here?’ I ask. ‘There are about 11,500 people living in the camp and more than half of them are children.’

Afghanistan: It Has Simply Become Normal

Our hospital beds are full every day. And nobody knows why we keep fighting this war. It has simply become normal”

EMERGENCY: Our Year 2018

Let’s take a moment to look back at what happened in 2018 and what we managed to achieve thanks to your support.

Sudan: “We Can Go Back Home..”

 Miriam and Peace arrived at EMERGENCY’s facility on 31 October and she underwent the corrective open-heart surgery on 8 November. She is now doing very well and has recovered fully.

Afghanistan: WHO Director-General Visits the Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul

We were delighted to welcome Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, for a visit of our Surgical Centre for War Victims in Kabul

Here’s To a Year Of Peace

This past year, with your help, we continued to offer free healthcare to victims of war, poverty and landmines.

Afghanistan: He was Lucky to Survive. But at What Cost?

Just 10 years old, Khudai Noor has become another one of the many victims of Afghanistan’s endless war

Everything We Do..

Everything we do is made possible through ordinary people’s help, and thanks to our volunteers, friends, and staff in our projects.