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EMERGENCY has treated over 8.5 million patients in Afghanistan since 1999.

Stories from the field

We Have Been With K.M. for Every Step of His Care

K. M. and his friend had just been to a wedding in Sangin, in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. While waiting by the car to leave, the friend stepped on a landmine, killing him instantly and severely injuring K.M.’s face, eyes, and legs. Before losing consciousness, he remembers seeing one of his legs detached from his body.…

“Every day, I witness the care given to all the patients.”

Jamil Gul was on his way to a phone repair shop when he was stabbed by robbers. When the 21-year-old arrived at our Surgical Centre in Kabul, he was quickly taken to the operating theatre for emergency surgery to repair the knife injuries to his left lung and a major artery under his collarbone. For…

Surgery Saved Omar’s Life

The operation saved his life. Seven-year-old Omar lives in Afghanistan, a country still recovering from more than four decades of war. In April, Omar and two of his family members were rushed to the Kabul Surgical Centre after a landmine exploded, just one of tens of thousands of unexploded ordnance littering the country. One of…


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