EMERGENCY has provided more than 500,000 free-of-charge consultations to individuals who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access medical treatment.

Stories from the field

Updates From Sudan as Fighting Erupts Across the Country

EMERGENCY continues to deliver free, high-quality care in the midst of war.

Till the Last Bird Sings: A Graphic Novel About Access to Care in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has almost vanished from the media since the withdrawal of international troops in 2021 despite suffering one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world, which has had unprecedented social, economic and health repercussions. Extreme poverty is widespread, compounded by natural disasters. Meanwhile, EMERGENCY’s surgical hospitals continue to admit patients with violent trauma from…

In Lashkar-Gah, Admissions Are Dominated by Road Traffic Accidents

On Wednesday 21 February, EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Lashkar-Gah received 13 patients after a terrible road traffic accident in Helmand. Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare occurrence in Afghanistan. The Helmand region was once dominated by fighting, and our Surgical Centre was almost exclusively dedicated to treating victims of war. Now, civilian trauma patients make up…


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