Since 2001, EMERGENCY has treated over 800,000 people in Sierra Leone.

Stories from the field

Our 2023

From Sudan to Afghanistan, from Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea, over 3,000 EMERGENCY staff have worked together to provide free, high-quality care around the world, every day. As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next, we want to say a massive thank you to all of our supporters, colleagues and…

11 Injured Treated at Goderich Surgical Centre Following Armed Clashes

Armed clashes and attacks on a military base and a prison took place on Sunday 26 November in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Following the clashes in the capital city, 11 injured people were received at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Goderich, a district in the western area of Freetown. Watch an update from Samuele, Medical Coordinator at the hospital:…

EMERGENCY has been helping Goodluck since he was just two days old.

Goodluck Cole’s father works three jobs while his mother, Lucy, is a full-time carer for the little boy. When Goodluck was just one day old, Lucy noticed that something was wrong. She was referred to EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Goderich, Sierra Leone, where our doctors performed a colostomy on the baby because of a genetic…


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