2020: the end of paediatric activities in the country

In agreement with the local Ministry of Health and following plans to open government hospitals dedicated to healthcare provision for mothers and children, we ended paediatric activities at our hospital on 29 February 2020.

Over the years, EMERGENCY guaranteed free, high-quality care to over 380,000 paediatric patients.

We will continue to focus on surgical and trauma care in the country, where we have been present for almost twenty years,.

The ‘Soda Programme’ will also continue, aimed at treating children who ingest caustic soda, as well as cardiological screening activities for patients that are transferred and operated on at our Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan, thanks to the Regional Programme that is active in over 28 countries.

focus group was also formed, together with the Ministry of Health, to maximise the efficiency of surgical patient transfers and an appropriate division of labour between Connaught Hospital, the main adult referral hospital in Sierra Leone, and our Surgical Centre.