Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery

EMERGENCY’s activities at the Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery in Khartoum are suspended due to operational constraints.

 EMERGENCY’s New Hospital: The Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery

Opened in August 2023 in the Salam Centre complex, our new surgical hospital in Sudan offers free emergency surgery and trauma care (war-wounded and trauma from civilian causes) to people for whom there are no other hospitals available because of the ongoing war.

Among the most common issues are war injuries, but also trauma related to traffic accidents. In addition, we are admitting patients with chronic conditions (like epilepsy or diabetes) who cannot get the care they need because of the collapsing Sudanese healthcare system.

So far we have received 77 patients, of whom 44 had war wounds and 2 were dead on arrival. 27 have been admitted, and the rest have been managed in the outpatient clinic. – Update 17 August 2023

The Context

In Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, fighting that broke out in mid-April continues today. Many have fled the city, the political and economic centre of the country.

For those who have remained, the needs are great. People are struggling to get around due to security issues, lack of means and lack of money. This has severely impacted access to care in Sudan: many of the patients arriving to our facilities – even at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery – are already in serious, if not extreme, conditions.

The New Hospital

The new hospital is located in the complex that already houses the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery. It has an emergency room, two operating theatres, an 8-bed sub-intensive care unit and a 30-bed ward.

Some of these rooms were created by repurposing spaces in the Salam Centre that were currently unused due to the conflict, such as the Guest House for patients from other African countries.

Our Staff

About 50 Sudanese and international colleagues are working in the Centre: surgeons and doctors specialising in emergency surgery and orthopaedics, anaesthetists, nurses and non-medical staff.

Four months have passed since 15 April, and yet this war does not seem to end. We see the effects in the number of displaced people fleeing the capital and in the number of dead and wounded witnessing the destruction. As always, most of the victims are civilians. We call on the international community not to forget Sudan.

Programme Data

Location: Khartoum

Start of clinical activities: August 2023

Activities: Emergency surgery, trauma surgery

Facilities: Emergency room, 2 operating theatres, 8-bed sub-intensive care unit, 30-bed ward, observation ward

EMERGENCY’s activities at the Centre for Emergency and Trauma Surgery in Khartoum are suspended due to operational constraints.

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