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Surgery at Bangui’s Complexe Pédiatrique

 Over 44,000 children seen in 2017.

Surgery at Bangui’s Complexe Pédiatrique

The war in the Central African Republic began in 2012 and has not yet ended.

The critical stage is over, but the situation in the country is still highly unstable: the war between the opposing Seleka and Anti-Balaka factions has resulted in thousands of deaths and millions of displaced persons. The situation in the capital, where international troops are stationed, is more under control, but shootings and widespread crime have kept tensions running high.

Immediately after the coup d’etat of late March 2013, and at the request of the director of the paediatric hospital, we sent a specialised war surgery team to the country to care for wounded children. An EMERGENCY team is now working at the Complexe Pédiatrique (the public paediatric hospital) in Bangui. Working closely with local staff, our doctors and nurses quickly re-established two Operating Theatres and began working on war and non-war-related surgery.

The following year we renovated both the surgical unit and the wards. With security conditions improving, war surgery operations have become less frequent, with an increase in emergency surgery instead. Our operating theatres are still the point of reference for paediatric surgery for the entire country

Since June 2016, we have extended our intervention at the Complexe Pédiatrique, taking charge of the Accident & Emergency and outpatients departments, intensive and post-intensive therapy, pharmacy and radiology, as well as supporting the renovation and overall management of the hospital.

In 2017, EMERGENCY’s staff visited over 44,000 children in the Complexe Pédiatrique. In a country where there is one doctor for every 100,000 people, we decided to sign a partnership with the University of Bangui and the University Institute of Paramedical Training of the Central African Red Cross, to provide training activities for medical and nursing students within the Complexe Pédiatrique, aimed at strengthening local personnel.

The Complexe Pédiatrique of Bangui is co-funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development.

Programme Data

Location: Bangui

Start of clinical activities: April 2013

Activities: War and emergency surgery, Paediatrics, Paediatric A&E

Facilities: A&E, Medical-surgical outpatient clinics, Intensive care, Post-intensive care medical treatment, Isolation ward, 2 Operating theatres, Sterilisation, Wards, Sub-intensive care, Radiology, Outpatient clinics, Pharmacy, Laundry.

Bed Capacity: 100

National Staff: 270


Admissions: 4,823

Outpatient consultations: 41,728

Surgical operations: 11,400


Admissions: 7,346

Outpatient consultations: 58,067

(Data correct as of 31 December, 2017)

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