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The Children’s Surgical Hospital is EMERGENCY’s first project in Uganda.

Stories from the field

“My dream? To Have Hospitals Like This All Over the Country.”  

“Elizabeth is a very determined person,” says Giacomo Menaldo, Country Director. “She understands the importance of this hospital. She could have earned much more money elsewhere, but working alongside our doctors is exactly what spurs her on.” This is how Giacomo, our Country Director in Uganda, introduces Elizabeth, a Ugandan colleague at the Children’s Surgical…

The Children’s House

One year ago, EMERGENCY opened the state-of-the-art Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda, which puts the human right to healthcare into practice every day. It is above all a place that provides hope to its young patients and their families. Combining medical, architectural and environmental excellence, the hospital is home to over 380 local and…

Joint Declaration Signed by 12 African Health Authority Delegations

Following a roundtable discussion, a Joint Declaration was signed, laying out the commitments that will guide the next steps for the African Network of Medical Excellence.

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