Rossella Miccio, President of EMERGENCY, for the GOLA Podcast

EMERGENCY’s president Rossella Miccio, joined the hosts of GOLA – an English-language podcast on Italian food – to discuss our support for vulnerable people in Italy during the COVID pandemic on an episode all about food, community and health.

Whilst having always pursued the right to medical treatment around the world, “the COVID-19 reality has pushed us to start developing other projects that were quite unexpected, particularly in terms of food support”, explains Rossella during her interview. Our concept of care broadened its horizons as the pandemic meant ensuring the right to food and basic necessities became a priority in Italy – the country we were founded in. To do so, we delivered more than 90,000 food boxes, providing 2.5 million meals over the last year.

In the episode, our president Rossella Miccio explains the lifeline delivery service that we developed, and the long-term medical and psychological intervention we provide to vulnerable people in our healthcare facilities and mobile clinics around Italy.


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