An EMERGENCY Team Is On Ukraine’s Borders With Romania And Moldova To Assess Humanitarian Needs And Evaluate Potential Projects To Provide Care To Those Affected By The Conflict.

An EMERGENCY team is on Ukraine’s borders with Romania and Moldova to assess humanitarian needs and evaluate potential projects to provide care to those affected by the conflict.

“We are assessing all possibilities for EMERGENCY’s intervention both inside and on the borders of Ukraine,” says Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY. “Our contribution must be effective. We must ensure our experience working in the midst of conflict is useful to those in need.
EMERGENCY wants to be there for the Ukrainian people.”

Andrea is part of our team on the ground. He tells us that there is a sense of solidarity and significant presence of aid organisations, but “the flow of people crossing the border does not stop.

“The flow is silent and dignified. People are shocked: there can be no other reaction to such brutality. I talk to ‘V’, who has just crossed the border. ‘It’s terrible what’s happening,’ he tells me. His eyes bear the signs of incredulity in the face of war.”

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